Advantages of Technology

Technology has changed our life totally. By using technology now we can do any hard and time wasted work within a few moment and properly then previous time.Technology has removed our tiredness.

Communication: Technology makes our communication easier. It makes our communication most easy. After the invention of the mobile phone internet, we can talk with each other within a short time staying at a huge distance. The Internet also makes our communication faster, secure and meaningful. We can send an email, voice SMS, make video conference and many more.

Education: Technology makes the education system interactive. Almost all the schools and colleges use the multimedia system to teach the students. Students can guess any topic faster by watching the picture, a video about a specific topic and can learn more. Now we can read books our mobile phone in its PDF version. We can play an educational interactive game and watch video on a specific topic. This system is more effective for children. Parents can make teach their children with fun and enjoyable documents by using technology.

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