Best science experiments

Science is the most talked about topics nowadays. We use science in all spheres of our life. Today I am going to a few science experiments I have experienced…
In every education science is a compulsory subject for students all over the world.

Science Experiment #1 (fire can’t burn without oxygen):

I make these experiments when I was only 7=8 years old. Then I read in class 3 in Bangladesh.

The topic of the experiment: the relation between oxygen and fire. #wax without oxygen.

Image result for wax science experiment with plate
wax under a glass

Description: I took some water in the plate. Then I put wax on it. I also pure some water on the plate. then I burn that wax. then I covered it with a glass. I saw that after a few moments when the oxygen inside the glass become finished the fire of the wax was the turn-off.
Conclusion: I can realize from this experiment that “Fire never can burn without oxygen.

Science Experiment #2 (Testing the presence of vapor in the air):

Image result for vapor in outer surface of glass

Description: I Keep a piece of ice in a glass for a while. Then I see some water in the outer surface of that glass.
I take the glass with my hand and make sure that the water does not come from inside the glass. Because water can not come out of the glass. The glass has cooled down in ice cold. And on the cold touch, the air evaporates due to the air-vapor accumulated on the glass.
Thus, the presence of water vapor in the air can be proved.

Conclusion: There is always some water vapor in the air. The water evaporates into the outer surface of the cold glass and becomes water into the particles. For this, if you put ice pieces on glass, then the water on the outside of the glass gets accumulated.

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